Camarguais campsite Lattes
Aerial view of the Camarguais campsite near Montpellier

Entertainment at Campsite Le Camarguais in Lattes.

Campsite in Occitania - Palavas-Les-Flots

Campsite near Montpellier, Hérault


The activities offered at the Camarguais campsite. Campsite near Montpellier and Palavas-les-Flots in the Hérault.
Our animators will offer you educational and outdoor sports activities for all ages.
Every morning and afternoon (except Sunday). Sporting or cultural activities, the choice is yours.

Animation at the campsite near Montpellier
Entertainment at the campsite located in Lattes

Our entertainment team bends over backwards for you to have fun and relax.
Throughout our many activities, we organize many tournaments! And tournaments mean rewards...

A word from the Animation Manager

“I offer activities worthy of big companies in the Camarguais. Family activities where everyone can participate. During the day, you will find sports tournaments, collective activities as well as water games. For the evening, there are dancing parties, karaoke evenings, and also pool parties. Here, we are interested in customers, and we take the time to get to know them. And it is in this atmosphere that I work, so that everyone leaves with unique memories. We do events where everyone participates, here everyone mixes. I take everyone into account and I adapt my animations according to the difficulties of each one so as not to leave anyone on the sidelines. "