Camarguais campsite Lattes
Aerial view of the Camarguais campsite near Montpellier

Campsite Le Camarguais near Nîmes

Nîmes, a contemporary and history city

Take the opportunity to visit the city of Nîmes


45 minutes from Le Camarguais campsite, quickly accessible by the A9 motorway from Montpellier, go back in time and immerse yourself in the era of the Emperor Auguste and his successors who made Nîmes a city promoting Romanism in Gaul with its sumptuous monuments.

The arenas of Nimes

Nîmes Roman city

Nîmes Nîmes is a Roman city rich in monuments and with an exceptional ancient heritage to discover by visiting the Museum of Romanity. Visit the arenas in the center of Nîmes which are the better preserved ones in the Roman world. Discover the Maison Carrée, built at the very beginning of our era in honor of Caius Caesar and Lucius Caesar, grandson and adopted son of Emperor Augustus, who was part of the Forum, the economic and administrative heart of the ancient city. Climb to the top of Tour Magne, the tallest and most prestigious tower of the Roman walls. Visible from a distance, it signaled the presence of the city and the imperial sanctuary, located at the foot of the hill.

Stroll through the magnificent Jardins de la Fontaine and admire the Temple of Diana.